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the Best " a walrus " became 80 - the summer pensioner

In competitions " walruses " passing in a past week-end on Semenovsky lake/ Murmansk/ within the limits of 69 - go the Feast of the North, the oldest participant and the winner in the age group became 80 - summer Zynaida Nikishenko.

As have informed " News " in sport committee of the government of area, the oldest lover of winter swimming is the master of sports on a diving and till now trains youth in Murmansk swimming pool.

according to sport committee, competition " walruses " this year became the most mass for all history of the Feast of the North. 117 persons have taken part in them from Moscow, Kareliya, the Pskov and Murmansk area.

in an ice-hole on lake the heat on 25 metres 4 participants in 9 age groups has been spent.

Among the youngest admirers of winter swimming by winners of a steel 16 - summer Hope Glinsky and it 11 - summer BRO Valentine from Murmansk. Two more Glinskys: 8 - summer Ivan and one-and-a-half-year-old Sergey could not participate in competitions from - for early age, however became participants of demonstration performances " walruses ".