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From - for disagreements of a venue the MTG of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany W the Minister of Justice of Israel has not taken place

the MTG of head Planned for Monday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany of Joshki Fisher W the Minister of Justice of Israel Josefom Lapidom has not taken place. Fisher has refused to go to office Lapida as it is located in East Jerusalem, the Israeli minister, in turn, categorically insisted, that the MTG has taken place there.

the Present position of the Minister of Justice holding 2 fast of the head entered into new government of Ariel Sharon of party " SHinuj " has called considerable surprise many observers as Lapid naming with the centrist, till today did not show heightened interest concerning a recognition of the status of Jerusalem foreigners in that kind what it is represented to israelites.

nevertheless, Lapid has declared that cancels a MTG with Fisher. In the statement, in particular, it was specified that " Jerusalem is a capital of the State Israel, and not to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany to define, what its parts are or are not in its structure under the Israeli sovereignty ".

According to the majority of estimations, Josif Lapid should understand that representing Germany and European Union Joshka Fisher - a figure far not " ordinary " and to arrive W it in a similar way, to put it mildly, " nediplomatichno ". Lapidu 2, certainly, it was clear that Fisher on a MTG will not go to East Jerusalem, as it would not respond positions of its country.

observers do not exclude that refusal has been thought over by israelites in advance. One of versions - " to revenge " Germany for a position across Iraq. Another - to find an occasion to avoid an unpleasant subject of conversation.

the second version, observers, the most probable consider. The German minister who has arrived to the Near East on morning on Monday, intended to concentrate basically on the peace-making plan " the Road map " developed " a Near-Eastern quartet ". In chastnrosti, its MTGs with the politicians concerning negotiating process, including with the president of Israel Moshe Katsav, the prime minister - minister Ariel Sharon, the Minister for Foreign Affairs by Silvanus Shalomom, the head of the Palestinian national administration Yasser Arafat, new Palestinian prime minister Abu - Mazenom were planned.

However Josefa Lapida in this list was not. Its nominee 4 a MTG with Joshkoj Fisher has arisen already in the MOM when that has declared that a MTG refuses.

It is supposed that Fisher intended to mention a subject of actions of israelites in the Palestinian territories which in the opinion of Europeans not always look lawful. Probably that such intentions also have called indignation in Israel, including not only the Minister of Justice.

observers do not exclude that in Israel have simply decided to refrain from next obsuzhenija questions ABT " infringements of human rights " " disproportionate military operations " " collective punishment of all Palestinian people for actions of singles ".

we Will remind that the overwhelming majority of the states of the world refuse to recognise the right of Israel on grasped by it during war of 1967 quarters of East Jerusalem and as a whole the right to name Jerusalem " uniform and indivisible capital of the Jewish state ".

the Majority of foreign embassies settle down in Tel - Abib, including embassy of the USA.