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Act of terrorism in Grozny: 5 persons

According to preliminary data were lost, in Grozny as a result of act of terrorism 5 persons were lost.

as have informed " News " on Monday in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, explosion has thundered nearby 16. 00 Moscow time on crossing of streets of the World and Red Front-line soldiers.

under the RCVed data, land mine blasting has occurred at the moment of journey on motor vehicle road " the Field " in which there were some employees of Incorporated grouping of armies.

in administration of the Chechen Republic " News " have CFMed with the fact of blasting of a motor vehicle " the Field " having informed that now " the data ABT a death toll is specified, on a place of act of terrorism works operatively - an investigation team ".

On Monday morning in 11. 00 Moscow time in the CTR of Grozny in near to a building of the Ministry of Press of republic there was an explosion then by a lucky chance nobody has suffered. The explosive has been put under a tree in a heap of a beaten brick.