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Heads of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation and TPP have signed the cooperation agreement

the Chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation Veniamin Jakovlev and the president Trading - industrial chamber of Russia Evgenie Primakov have signed on Tuesday the cooperation agreement.

acted on a press - conferences on a case of signing of the agreement Evgenie Primakov has noticed that agreement undertaking is actual and timely because right now there is a formation pravoprimenitelnoj experts arbitration and the arbitration courts on the basis of the new Arbitration remedial code of the Russian Federation and the federal law " ABT the arbitration courts in the Russian Federation ". President TPP has informed that Trading - the industrial chamber traditionally pays much attention to arbitration trial: At TPP the oldest operate in Russia and in the world the arbitration courts which are resolving disputes in the field of international trade and trading navigation, and also one of the largest arbitration courts 4 the permission of economic disputes in the country.

the given agreement provides the wide cooperation which mainstreams are development and popularisation of arbitration trial, the international commercial arbitration and intermediary, and also maintenance uniform pravoprimenitelnoj experts in business of protection of the rights and interests of the enterprises, head TPP has noted.