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In search of the gone tourists the German special troops will help with Algeria

Germany have directed to Algeria members of spetsnaz from antiterrorist division " GSG - 9 " 4 participation in searches of 29 autotourists who have disappeared in Sahara - Europeans. German news agency DPA has informed on it on Tuesday referring to a source in special services of Germany.

according to German the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mysteriously gone in the south of Algeria of a car - and motor-tourists concern 2 6 - ti to various groups. Among gone - 16 citizen s of the Federal Republic of Germany, 8 Austrians, 4 Swisses and 1 Dutch. According to some mass-media, Germans - 15, and the sixteenth - the Swede.

ABT some from gone there is no information from the end of February. ABT the disappeared 8 Austrians it became known only past Friday when they have not arrived in time on landing to ferry going from Tunis.

operating in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany special " a crisis staff " Urgently sent to Algeria 4 participation in searches of 5 employees of Federal criminal department/ BKA/. Past Sunday they have joined 2 directed earlier from Tunis to Algeria to the representative German BKA.

As it was informed earlier, one of these days have appeared, but then sensational MSG have gradually calmed down that the first trace of 29 autotourists who have mysteriously disappeared here for last one and a half MTH is probably found in the Algerian part of wilderness Sahara - Europeans.

According to this information, one of leaders in Sahara searches of the gone people of caravans has encountered on certain " underground system of tunnels " where " there could be tourists ". This MSG while was not CFMed in any way.

in MSG it was mentioned 2 that searchers have found out in the area adjoining to border W Libya, the car disguised by a bush with removed numbers. Then this information has guarded, as this area so is cut strongly up by canyons that movement here by cars was considered earlier as the impossible. BTW, and the search caravan of local residents tuaregov has come here on camels.

according to German television, the basic searches are conducted now in Sahara by the caravans organised from military men of armed forces and police of Algeria.

in the German mass-media assumptions are constantly come out that the gone tourists became a victim of the terrorist group connected W " Al - Kaidoj " or that the local smugglers who are doing business as " have attacked in Sahara tourists; the live goods " and the weapon. Meanwhile, Germany and Switzerland have extended official danger warnings of tourism across the Algerian Sahara, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria has officially suggested all citizens to leave Algeria.

in search of 29 Europeans who have gone in Sahara the Interpol 2 takes part.