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In Kirghizia medical control over the persons abiding from is strengthened - for borders

In connection with distribution to the world of a virus of an atypical pneumonia/ SARS/ in Kirghizia medical control over the persons abiding from - for borders is strengthened.

according to republic Ministry of Health, on today`s m among citizens of Kirghizia and abiding from - for borders of persons of cases of similar disease it is not registered.

According to the decision " ABT the organisation of measures on struggle against illness SARS " accepted by the main thing state sanitary vrachem Kirghizia Lyudmila Shtejnke, on sanitary - quarantine fasts of the airports " Manas " and " Osh " and also on boundary fasts " Torugart " and " Irkeshtam " and on zheoeznodorozhnoj stations " Bishkek - 2 " medical control over the passengers abiding from - for borders is strengthened.

Besides, instructing W the personnel serving vehicles/ letno - elevating structure, stewards, guides of trains, drivers - truckers/ are already spent.

it is recommended to All of them to carry means of individual defence of respiratory organs - respirators and gauze masks.

the infection is passed air - a drop way. The incubatory period lasts 3 - 10 days. The basic symptoms of disease are high temperature, a headache, the complicated breath, dry cough and a short wind. The respiratory syndrome - a cold, reports " press ".