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W ABT Y T And I 9 And P R E L I

* the Prime minister - the minister of Slovakia Mikulash Dzurinda which are in Moscow W official visit, will meet the mayor of the Russian capital Yury Luzhkov (13. 00). The same day on termination of visit of premieres - the minister of Slovakia will leave from Moscow.

* Vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexey Gordeyev will spend a press - conference following the results of the MTG which have passed on April, 8th of president Vladimir Putin with members of Presidium of Main board " the Russian agrarian movement " (15. 00, Interfax, street 1 - I Tver - Jamsky, 2, accreditation on ph. 250 - 34 - 34).

* To Moscow there will arrive the state minister of affairs of external relations of Kuwait, and. An island of the Minister of Finance sheikh Mohammed the expert - Sabah. It is expected that it will meet head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivanov and will pass it the message from the first vitse - a premiere, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kuwait of sheikh Sabaha al - Ahmed al - Sabaha. It is planned to discuss mutual relations 2.

* in the Ministry of the Russian Federation of an antimonopoly policy and business support the meeting devoted to problems of protection of a competition in the market of financial services in the Central federal district will take place. Meeting head MAP will spend the Russian Federation Ilya Juzhanov (13. 00, street Garden - Kudrinsky, 11; accreditation on ph. 252 - 46 - 57, 252 - 09 - 03).

* Will take place 107 - e Federation Council session (10. 00). Will be will consider the problem on purpose of the representative of the public by a member of the Higher qualifying board of judges of the Russian Federation.

members of the upper chamber will discuss the federal laws passed by the State Duma: ABT modification and additions in federal laws " ABT an exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation " regarding sea resource researches and sea scientific researches " " ABT a continental shelf of the Russian Federation " regarding sea scientific researches " " ABT internal sea waters, territolnom the sea and a contiguous zone of the Russian Federation " regarding sea scientific researches "; " ABT modification and additions in article 12 of the Federal law " ABT acts of civil status " (ABT expansion of the list of bodies to which data on the state civil registration), " are given; ABT obligatory social insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases " (regarding regulation of sanctions 2 insurers and banks for infringement of a procedure for registration, payment of insurance payments) and others.

* plenary session of the State Duma Will take place.

on " the governmental hour " The deputy minister of internal affairs, the chief of Service of public security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Tchekalin will tell about practice of application of positions of regulation of the relations connected with granting of citizenship of the Russian Federation, defined by the Federal law " ABT citizenship of the Russian Federation ".

Deputies will consider rejected by the president of the Russian Federation laws " ABT enterprise activity in the field of research and space use " " ABT a turn explosive matelov civil purpose " " ABT acceptance and realisation of federal target programs " " ABT warranting of contributions of citizens in banks ".

In the third reading the bill " will be considered; ABT modification and additions in the Law of the Russian Federation " ABT bases of a federal housing policy " and other acts of the Russian Federation regarding perfection of system of payment of habitation and utilities ".

In the first reading - bills " ABT introduction of the state monopoly for export of oil and oil products " " ABT parliamentary parties in the Russian Federation " " ABT the traditional religious organisations of Russia " " ABT creation and application of space means in interests of defence and security of the Russian Federation "; amendments to the Tax code, laws " ABT lawyer activity and legal profession in the Russian Federation " " ABT a conscription and military service " " ABT bodies of judicial community in the Russian Federation " " ABT introduction in action of the Ground code of the Russian Federation " " ABT state regulation of the foreign trade activity " " ABT lawyer activity and legal profession in the Russian Federation " " ABT the Representative under human rights in the Russian Federation " " ABT labour pensions in the Russian Federation " " ABT a living wage in the Russian Federation " " ABT veterans " " ABT privatisation of the state and municipal property ".

Among projects of decisions of the State Duma deputies will consider parliamentary RQs to the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation M.M.Kasyanov " ABT the information on import in the Russian Federation and export from the Russian Federation physical persons of cash foreign currency " " ABT the factors defining a status of aircraft of Armed forces of the Russian Federation and aircraft of federal enforcement authorities in which the legislation of the Russian Federation provides military service " " ABT means of the Pension fund of the Russian Federations passed in trust management Foreign trade and investment bank ".

references to the president of the Russian Federation ABT the situation which have developed after acceptance of the Federal law " Will be considered; ABT citizenship of the Russian Federation " The reference to the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation ABT the situation which have developed in a mining industry in connection with acceptance of the governmental order of the Russian Federation from April, 29th, 2002 number 278.

* In the State Duma will take place:

- a press - conference of the deputy of the State Duma George Kostin " Ways of the permission of the contradiction between possibilities of the state and requirements of a society " (14. 00, the Small hall);

- a press - conference of the deputy the chairman of Committee of the State Duma on affairs of public associations and Alexander Chueva`s religious organisations " ABT introduction in the Criminal code of the Russian Federation of article providing a criminal liability for the reviling of religious feelings of believers " (15. 00, the Small hall);

- exhibition opening kalinigradskih the artists, devoted 58 - j to anniversary of storm of a fortified city of Kenigsberga (14. 00, transition 1 - go a floor).

* the press - conference " will take place; Agrarian elite of Russia. The first ceremony of delivery of the National award of a name of Peter Stolypina ". Co-chairmen of Social council of the National award of P.Stolypina - vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the chairman of Open Company " participate; the Russian agrarian movement " Alexey Gordeyev; the deputy of the State Duma, leader OOD " Agrarian Russia " Alexander Fomin; the chairman of Political council of party " the Union of the right forces " Boris Nemtsov (12. 00, a press - the CTR " AiF " street Mjasnitsky, 42. Accreditation on ph. 925 - 21 - 48).

* In the Russian news agency " News " (Zubovsky parkway, d. 4, a floor 6, a press - the CTR. Accreditation on ph. 201 - 50 - 19, 201 - 45 - 67) will take place a press - conferences:

- the chairman of Presidium of Advice on the external and defensive policy, the deputy director of institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Karaganov " Foreign policy of Russia and the Iraq settlement " (12. 00);

- " How to nurture the citizen? " devoted to final actions P of competition of school editions " it is More than editions Gud and different ". Participate - the leader of fraction " the Apple " in State Duma FS of the Russian Federation Grigory Javlinsky; the editor-in-chief of magazine " Litsejsky and gymnasia education " Alexander Pentin; the deputy of the Moscow municipal duma, poet Evgenie Bunimovich; teacher Efim Steinberg (15. 00).

* Will open 2 - day international conference " Russia and the Central Asia: a problem of water and cooperation strategy " which participants will discuss the project of a transfer of a part of a drain of the Siberian rivers to Central Asia. Performances of the first deputy minister of natural resources of the Russian Federation Nikolay Tarasova, the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichego, the director of Institute of a global climate and Yury Izraelja`s ecology and other politicians, scientific (10 are expected. 00, a mayoralty building, street New Arbat. 36, a zone W. In 12. 00 - a briefing of organizers. Accreditation on ph. 959 - 35 - 27).

* In the Central House of the journalist on the threshold of Day of astronautics will take place " a round table " " the Future of the Russian astronautics. The project of new space station " Yury Gagarin ". Participate - cosmonauts George Grechko, Victor Gorbatko, Paul Popovich and the chairman of the International fund of support of the Russian astronautics Joseph Davidov. The chairman of national board of the International fund of support of the Russian astronautics Evgenie Primakov (13 is invited. 00, Nikitsky parkway, 8, ph. 202 - 94 - 51).

* In Rosaviakosmose the press - the conference devoted to results of year flight of the astrophysical companion " will take place; Koronas - F " to use of the RCVed data ABT activity of the Sun. In a press - conferences will take part zamglavy Rosaviakosmosa George Polischuk and leading experts of Institute of physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences (12. 00, Schepkin`s street 42/ m. " the world Prospectus "/. Contact ph. 762 - 05 - 90).

* the Moscow City Court plans to return after a break 2 criminal case consideration ABT attempt at the assistant to the main health officer of Moscow Alexander Melnikova. The inhabitant of the Chechen Republic is accused Of this crime by Badrudi Jamadaev.

* In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow the briefing " will take place; ABT an order of registration and delivery of invitations to entrance to Russia foreign citizens " (11. 00, 2 - j the Kolobovsky lane, 8, a floor 3, accreditation on ph. 200 - 91 - 40, 200 - 87 - 62, 200 - 92 - 01).

* In the Russian fund of culture/ RFK/ the MTG of the Representative under human rights in the Russian Federation Oleg Mironov and president RFK Nikita Mikhalkov will take place. The Report on interaction of the Representative under human rights in the Russian Federation and president RFK on protection of the rights and freedom of citizens on participation in cultural life, using culture establishments and on access 2 cultural values will be signed. Representatives of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, the government of the Russian Federation, the ministries and departments are invited. After signing - a press - conference (15. 00, Gogol parkway, 6, ph. 202 - 67 - 53).

* In the Central House of the architect the press - conference " will take place; the State award - 2002 " in which course will pass open discussion of the WRK admitted on competition of the State awards of the Russian Federation in the field of architecture. Participate - committee-men at the president of the Russian Federation under State awards in the field of the literature and art, representatives creative and public organisations, culture establishments (16. 00, Granatnyj of the lane, 7, ph. 290 - 14 - 70).

* the Internet - a press - conference " Will take place; Creation of national electronic library ". Participate - the chief of department of libraries of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Evgenie Kuzmin, the president of the International federation of library associations Ellen Kej Raseroka and heads of the Russian state library (12. 00, agency " RosBusinessConsulting " street Trade-union, 78, accreditation on ph. 363 - 11 - 11 dob. 578).

* In Embassy of Great Britain in Russia the festival presentation " will be spent; Russian nights "/ LDN/, devoted 300 - letiju S - Petersburg. On presentation the festival poster, time and a venue (18 will be declared. 30, the Flowing lane. TEL 4 inquiries 956 - 72 - 00. 4 an input in the Embassy building it is necessary to have at itself the passport).

* Party the ELEPHANT/ the Union of people for science and education/ will spend at Institute of history of natural sciences and technics of the Russian Academy of Sciences " a round table " " Actual problems of modern school education ". Directors of schools, representatives of Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, Committee of education of Moscow, other interested departments (15 are invited. 00, the Old Pansky lane, 1/ 56 floors 3, ph. 232 - 26 - 43).

* the press - conference of the chairman of Committee on culture of Moscow of Sergey Khudyakov and members of working group on preparation of Days historical and a cultural heritage of a city of Moscow (15 Will take place. 00, street New Arbat, d. 36, Small a conference - a hall; ph. 290 - 79 - 73, 290 - 71 - 26).


* Will open the international business MTG " Belarus, Russia, Ukraine - prospects and ways of economic cooperation "/ 9 - on April, 11th/. It is expected that in MTG WRK - the minister of Belarus Gennady Novitsky, the chairman of Parliamentary meeting of the Union of Belarus and Russia, the chairman of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev, the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in TSFO George Poltavchenko, ambassadors of Belarus and Ukraine the prime minister will take part in Russia, the head of some regions TSFO of the Russian Federation.


* " the Ambassadorial three " the European union/ the ambassador of Greece in the Russian Federation Dimitrios Paraskevopulos, the ambassador of Italy in the Russian Federation Dzhankarlo Fako Bonetti and the head of representation of Eurocommission in the Russian Federation Richard Right/ during a trip to the Chechen Republic will meet a management of a staff of Incorporated grouping of armies.

Rostov - ON - Don

* Is expected that in court Severo - the Caucasian district at preliminary hearing date and structure of court of repeated process on business of colonel Yury Budanov accused of murder of the inhabitant of the Chechen Republic will be defined. The defendant and its lawyer were converted W the petition for a legal investigation W participation of jurymen.


* At exit session of the Stavropol regional court in Budyonnovsk, predictably, will be announced a sentence on business of Ashaba Mutalibova - the participant of the armed touch on this city of the armed gang of Shamilja Basayev in the summer of 1995 It is the fourth litigation over insurgents of a gang of Basayev.


* inauguration of the president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan again selected on this fast on March, 5th of this year Will be spent


* W two-day visit will arrive To Moldova the secretary general of the Council of Europe Walter Shvimmer. The purpose of its visit - reception of the information on a situation in Moldova on the eve of acceptance by presidency republic in Committee of ministers of the Council of Europe.


* the Pechersky regional court of Kiev will return 2 consideration of the incorporated claim of relatives of the lost thirteen crewmen and passengers of the Russian air liner They be 154 airlines " Siberia " brought down by the Ukrainian rocket W - 200 over Black sea.

VALGA (Estonia)

* the Valgasky district court declares a sentence on business 77 - the summer veteran - the security officer, the citizen of Russia Vladimir Penarta. It is accused of fulfilment of crimes against humanity in 1953 - 54 gg, in particular, in murder so-called " wood BRO ". The public prosecutor has demanded 4 accused punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of 8 years.


* the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivans will arrive to Republic Korea on a visit which will last till April, 11th. During visit Sergey Ivanov`s MTGs with the military and political country leaders are planned.


* the Deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Alexey Meshkov and the head of Federal archival service of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kozlov will take part in opening of the exhibition devoted 150 - letiju diplomatic relations of Russia and Belgium. The exhibition will open in the Royal museum of army and a military history of Belgium and will open a series of the actions devoted to anniversary.


* the Secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan will go to a trip Across Europe in which course will visit Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia. In the CTR of its conversations with heads of these countries, predictably, there will be an Iraq question, in particular, United Nations role in post-war Iraq.

* the UN Security Council will spend private consultations in connection with crisis round the North Korean nuclear program.


* Will take place the summit of the states-participants of the organisation " cooperation Process in jugo - east Europe " in which heads of the states or the governments nine countries of region will take part. Questions of regional cooperation, including creation of the uniform power market and a zone of free trade will be discussed. Duties of the chairman of the organisation " cooperation Process in jugo - east Europe " for the next year from Serbia and Montenegro will pass 2 Bosnia and Herzegovina.


* Will open the international exhibition " Vietnam - the EXPO 2003 " in which Russia will take part 350 Vietnamese and 300 foreign firms from 26 countries, including. In the Russian exposition - the technical equipment, autospare parts, building cars and mately and other production of the companies from Moscow, Perm, the Barrow and other cities.