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Russia studies a question on modification of agreements on mutual visa-free trips of citizens with the CIS countries

Federal enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation study and study a question on expediency of modification of operating intergovernmental agreements on mutual visa-free trips of citizens with the CIS countries.

as have informed " News " on Thursday in department of the information and the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, it is carried out " within the limits of the Russian Federation spent by a management of WRK on streamlining of a migratory situation in territory of Russia ".

In the Russian foreign policy department have underlined that " possibility of realisation of mutual trips of citizens in a visa-free order was and remains to one of Commonwealth corner stones ".

On this problematics active consultations both within the limits of EvrAzES, and in a bilateral format with the CIS countries are now conducted, have specified in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

" On reaching arrangements W our partners concerning entering of the mentioned changes into agreements in force citizens of the states of Commonwealth will be beforehand notified on it " - have assured on the Smolensk area.

in Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have explained that the mentioned changes will mention lists of the documents proving the identity of citizens and granting the right to visa-free crossing of frontiers of those states of Commonwealth with which the Russian Federation has entered into corresponding agreements. In particular, it is supposed to exclude departmental documents, internal passports and identification cards, and also birth certificates from them.

" use of the specified documents at crossing of border and abiding in the Russian Federation citizens of the CIS countries already calls for a long time serious censures of the departments which are responsible for a situation on border and control over migration " - have informed in the Russian foreign policy department. It is supposed that in the future such trips will be carried out under international passports.

now interested Russian federal enforcement authorities study the questions, concerning definitions of such lists of documents which, on the one hand, would minister to tasks in view on streamlining of control over migration, and W another, would not contradict interests of Russia and other states-participants CIS in consolidation of integration processes, have specified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in department of the information and the press.