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Bush: Iraq " it will be fast free "

In a broadcast appeal to the Iraq people the US president has promised that Iraq " it will be fast free " George Bush`s Reference is written down on a video film and will be broadcast W the Arabian subtitles on Thursday in 18. 00 Moscow time on all Iraq territory from a board of specially equipped plane of the Air Forces of the USA Si - 130 " Oat-flakes " which is now in the sky of Iraq. The signal from the plane will be directed to system of the Iraq radio television.

by data a press - services of the White house which has extended on Thursday of endurance from a broadcast appeal, the American president has noticed that the USA consider as the opponent " Saddam Hussein`s cruel mode " instead of the people of Iraq.

" a nightmare, which Saddam Hussein has brought to your country, will soon end " - Bush has told. The purposes of the USA in Iraq, as he said, are reduced 2 displacement of a present mode, disposal of Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, safety, respect of religious traditions, and also creation of the representative Iraq government.

earlier vysokpostavlennye representatives of the White house have informed journalists in Washington that American military " flying television station " on the basis of plane Si - 130 will carry out a daily announcement to Iraq in volume of 5 hours a day and its transfers Iraqis can look on the house TVs, using usual anetenny.

Since the next Saturday, with assistance of the USA in Iraq the new newspaper 4 informing of the Iraq population on the purposes and problems which puts B4 itself American - the British coalition will start to leave 2.