Rus News Journal

W ABT Y T And I 11 And P R E L I

* the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will arrive in S - Petersburg where will hold MTGs with leaders of Germany and France Gerhard Schroder and Jacque Chirac, arriving W short visits to northern capital of Russia. Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroder 2 will take part in 2 - an ohm Russian - the German forum of the public " the Petersburg dialogue " also will visit solemn action for a case 150 - letija concern activity " Siemens " in Russia.

the same day Vladimir Putin will hold meeting W heads of administrations of subjects of the Federation which are a part of Severo - the Western federal district.


* the European Commissioner who is responsible for trade, Paskal Lami will arrive to Moscow 4 discussion W the Russian side of some key questions of trade relations of EU and Russia. Lami will take part in conference " Expansion of the European Union: New possibilities 4 Russia? ". It is expected that in conference will participate 2 vitse - the prime minister of the government of Russia Victor Khristenko (14. 00, Diplomatic academy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, street Ostozhenka, 53/ 2. Accreditation on ph. 721 - 20 - 09/ 06, a fax 721 - 20 - 20).

* In the Ministry of natural resources of Russia the briefing " will take place; the Freshet situation in regions of Russia " which the first deputy minister of natural resources of Russia, the head of the State water service Nikolay Tarasov (11 will spend. 00, B.Gruzinsky, 4/ 6. Accreditation B4 17. On April, 00 10 on ph. 254 - 69 - 66, 254 - 68 - 00).

* In the Federation Council Day of the Commission of chamber on natural monopolies will take place. Members of this commission will hold a MTG with representatives of the public and journalists (15. 00, a hall 701, ph. 203 - 30 - 45).

* plenary session of the State Duma Will take place.

In the third reading deputies will consider the bill " ABT modification and additions in some acts of the Russian Federation concerning rehabilitation of invalids ".

In the second reading - amendments to the law " ABT precious metals and jewels ".

In the first reading - the bill " ABT an order of compensation at the expense of means of the federal budget of expenses of budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation for performance of the decisions accepted by federal public authorities ABT granting of privileges to citizens of the Russian Federation "; amendments to Wood, Tax codes; amendments to laws " ABT fight against terrorism " " ABT security of traffic " " ABT Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation " " ABT a conscription and military service " " ABT operatively - search activity " " ABT establishments and the bodies executing criminal punishments in the form of imprisonment ".

The project of the statement of the State Duma in connection with a situation in Iraq, and also projects of decisions of the State Duma, including parliamentary RQ and the reference to the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation M.M.Kasyanov " Will be considered; ABT unsatisfactory maintenance of inhabitants of the Bryansk region constantly living (working) on territory of a zone of residing W the right on otselenie, medical products " ABT acceptance of urgent measures on state to price control to medical products.

* the head of department of urgent surgery and traumas of children`s age of scientific research institute of pediatrics of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Leonid Roshal will spend a press - conference " Y has not taken place " a green corridor " 4 the Iraq children " (12. 00, Interfax, street 1 - I Tver - Jamsky, 2, accreditation on ph. 250 - 34 - 34).

* In the Russian news agency " News " the press - conference " will take place; Human rights and " Flashpoints " on the Balkans and in the world ". Participate: being in Russia W official visit the Representative under human rights in Albania/ " the lawyer of the people "/ Ermir Dobjani; the Representative under human rights in the Russian Federation Oleg Mironov (12. 00, Zubovsky parkway, d. 4, a floor 6, a conference - a hall. Accreditation by TEL: 201 - 50 - 19, 201 - 45 - 67, to a fax 201 - 26 - 29

* the presentation of financed EU of the project directed on strengthening of democracy and development of the market of social services in the Russian Federation, and also improvement of quality and addressings of social service Will take place. Partners in project realisation are Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation and the Moscow state social university. The project will be carried out at federal level, and also in 6 regions - the Voronezh, Ivanovo, Saratov, Smolensk, Sverdlovsk areas and Republic Komi (15. 00, the Berlin house, street Petrovka, 5. Accreditation on bodies. 721 - 20 - 09/ 06, a fax 721 - 20 - 20).

* the Deputy of the State Duma Sergey Glazyev will take part in a press - conferences from a cycle " the Expert estimation of forthcoming elections in the State Duma " (12. 00, a press - the CTR " National information group " Table pe the river, 6, accreditation on ph. 291 - 14 - 66, 203 - 63 - 66).

* In agency " the World of news " (street Petrovka, 26/ 2, ph. 925 - 09 - 43, 923 - 12 - 63) will take place a press - conferences:

- the deputy of the State Duma, twice the Hero of Soviet Union, Svetlana Savitsky`s space pilot " the Today`s status of the Russian astronautics: economic and political aspects. Space role in war in Iraq and in the future arrangement of the world " (12. 00);

- lawyer Leonid Olshansky " New " requisitions " from owners of vehicles and passengers in Moscow " (14. 00).

* the International confederation of the theatrical unions will spend a press - the conference devoted to forthcoming V international theatrical festival of A. P.Chekhov and participation in festival of theatre " folksbjune "/ Germany/ (16. 00, ITAR - TASS, B.Nikitsky`s street, 28, accreditation on ph. 929 - 70 - 12, a fax 742 - 09 - 33).

* In the Bolshoi theatre it will be spent a press - the conference devoted to the forthcoming premiere of ballet of Dmitry Shostakovich " the Light stream ". Participate - the general director of the Bolshoi theatre Anatoly Iksanov, art the head of ballet troupe of theatre Boris Akimov, members of production group (14. 00, the Winter garden of the New scene; ph. 292 - 08 - 18).


* Is expected arrival vitse - a premiere, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexey Gordeyev. It is planned that it will hold meetings on problems of agriculture and fish branch.

S - Petersburg

* the Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation Gennady Fadeev will visit W working visit Petersburg 4 check of readiness of objects of a railway transportation 2 commemorating 300 - letija northern capital.

the BOTTOM Novgorod

* the Head of the Ministry of the Russian Federation of an antimonopoly policy and support of business Ilya Juzhanov together with the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Privolzhsky federal district Sergey Kirienko will hold meeting on problems of protection of a competition in the market of financial services PFO.

GREAT Novgorod

* the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Vladimir Filippov will take part in WRK of exit meeting of Severo - the Western federal district following the results of activity of educational system of district in 2002/ 03 educational year and to the basic directions of realisation of the first stage of upgrade of Russian education in 2003/ 04 educational year.


* Under the direction of the chairman of the board of the Russian Open Society " UES of Russia " Anatoly Chubays the All-Russia branch meeting energetikov forthcoming reform of a domestic power supply system will be which basic subject will take place. In meeting will take part about 300 heads of power divisions of the country.


* joint session of advice of the Siberian federal district and multi-region association " Will be held; the Siberian agreement " W participation of the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in SFO Leonid Drachevsky and heads of administrations of the Siberian regions. At meeting the project of model of territory of innovative development on the basis of Tomsk, Novosibirsk areas and Krasnoyarsk region, and also prospect of development of thermal power station of Siberia as bases of a sustainable development of economy of region will be discussed.


* session of the Sovereign court of Karachaevo-Circassia on which the situation in connection with purpose of date of presidential elections of republic will be considered Is appointed. Converted into the Sovereign court W the claim of the person do not agree W the decision of republican parliament ABT purpose of elections for June, 15th as president Vladimir Semenov selected on May, 16th 1999 g, has started execution of powers only on September, 14th. The public gathering insists on legality of the decision.


* At plenary session of the State Council of Tatarstan the question on a preschedule response of the representative of republic in the Federation Council from an executive office of the government of Rafgata Altynbaeva will be considered. The president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev has directed the corresponding Decree which should be CFMed the decision of session of parliament to the State Council. Now Rafgat Altynbaev heads Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on local government.


* the first session of deputies of the State meeting of Bashkiria selected on March, 16th the third convocation Will be held. It is supposed that B4 deputies the president of Bashkiria Murtaza Rakhimov will act. Deputies will select the chairman of the State meeting, its assistant, chairmen of committees, will define their structure.


* Will take place session of Ministerial council of foreign affairs of the CIS. Russia head will represent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Ivans. In the CTR of ATTN of participants of session, predictably, there will be questions of antiterrorist and anticriminal cooperation, and also the Iraq crisis.


* the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivans, having finished visit to South Korea, will arrive to Tokyo. In same it will meet from premieres - the minister of Japan Dzjunitiro Koidzumi and the chief of department of national defence of Sigeru Isiboj.