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Zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the ambassador of Great Britain in Moscow have discussed situation development in Iraq

" QIK changing situation round military operations in Iraq " the basic ATTN at the MTG which has taken place on Thursday zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of George Mamedov W the ambassador of Great Britain in Moscow Roderikom the Line has been paid. ABT it " News " have given in department of the information and the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Mamedov has expressed hope of the prompt termination of bloodshed, and also has underlined importance of urgent humanitarian efforts on simplification of travails of the Iraq people.

the parties 2 have discussed various vanty bilateral and multilateral diplomatic contacts on restoration of interaction of great powers in interests of the prompt settlement of the Iraq crisis on the basis of corresponding decisions of UNSF. As have noted in Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an important role in this process can play and working mechanisms " G8 " Which summit should take place 1 - on June, 3rd in Eviane/ France/.

Mamedov and the Line have considered the intense situation saved round the Korean peninsula. This subject became a subject of consultations in UNSF on April, 9th. The Russian and English parties have agreed that settlement of this problem " can be reached only a peace, diplomatic way, at strict observance of all obligations under the Nonproliferation treaty of the nuclear weapon ".