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In St.-Petersburg has begun WRK Russian - the German forum " the Petersburg dialogue "

In Northern capital has begun WRK the third Russian - the German forum " the Petersburg dialogue ".

the MTG with writers Tatyana Tolstoy and Monikoj Moron and the session devoted 15 - letiju signings of the agreement on a youth exchange between the USSR and Germany became the First events of a forum.

as has noted, acting at session, the chairman of co-ordinating committee from the German party Peter Benish, " I am glad that WRK which has begun in 80 - e years, proceeds and now ". " If our dialogue lasts as early as 50 years, we with confidence can tell that have brought the contribution to world history on the earth " - Benish has told.

In turn rector Sankt - the Petersburg state university, the Russian co-ordinator of working group " the Youth exchange, science and education " Lyudmila Verbitsaja has noted, " What is Russian - the German communications which we rejoice 2DAY, have deep roots ". It has reminded that when in 1724 Peter I created the first the Russian university, Academy of Sciences and a grammar school, he has invited the German professors to train the Russian students. In 1725 to Petersburg from Germany there have arrived 17 professors who gave lectures in German. The first lectures in Russian have been read only in 1747.

Verbitsky has noticed that official opening ceremony " the Petersburg dialogue " will take place on Friday. This day W a salutatory word 2 participants of a forum the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, German chancellor Gerhard Schroder, predictably, will be converted.

WRK " Will come to the end; the Petersburg dialogue " on April, 12th.