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Boris Gryzlov supports creation of uniform legal space within the limits of Union State

the Result of cooperation of law-enforcement bodies of Russia and Belarus there should be a formation of uniform legal space in Union State territory.

it was declared on Thursday in Pskov by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Boris Gryzlov at session of incorporated board of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of two states.

during party session have discussed questions of the organisation, interaction and control of offences in sphere of high technologies. The Russian minister has noticed that over the last 10 years the quantity of similar offences has increased more than in 100 times.

Gryzlov has especially noticed that " the cybercriminality problem should be in the CTR of ATTN of law enforcement bodies of our countries as it represents the raised danger to the vital objects of an administrative and information infrastructure of the state ".

Besides, the head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has suggested to develop the co-ordinated measures on " to the cardinal decision of a question " maintenance of copyrights. According to the minister, non-observance of intellectual property rights, manufacture and distribution of forged production " the considerable damage of economy of Union State " causes;.

" While we will not pass to universal standards in intellectual property sphere construction of normal market economy and mutually advantageous communications with the international trading and financial organisations " is impossible; - Gryzlov has explained.

SPK about the organisation of joint control over migratory processes in territory of Union State the minister has noted, " that the situation in this sphere uneasy and hardly it will improve in the near future, ESP in connection with known events in Iraq and round it ".

In this connection, in its opinion, law enforcement bodies it is necessary " to concentrate ATTN first of all to the decision of the organizational problems connected with realisation of positions of the federal law " ABT a legal status of foreign citizens in Russia ". The minister 2 has informed that this year on points of boundary control in Belarus to foreign citizens by the following to Russia is given out nearby 30 tys migratory maps.