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Putin: economic cooperation with Germany - " a core of mutual relations "

Vladimir Putin named economic cooperation with Germany " a core of mutual relations ".

Germany 15 percents of the foreign trade turnover of Russia, a share of Russia in foreign trade of Germany - only 2 percent are necessary.

" it is necessary to work as all - both to officials, and representatives of business " to change a situation, the head of the state has told.

" in sphere of economic cooperation there are more many reserves and possibilities " - Putin has noted. For this reason, as he said, so the exchange of opinions and experience, definition of positions and development of the general approaches are important 2DAY.

the president considers Germany useful the help in creation " uniform 4 Russia and Germany of principles of accreditation " that is system of ACK of the competence of professional sphere.

" In Russia such system practically is absent " - Putin has noticed, having added that the help of Germany in it will be " undoubtedly useful ".

" the Similar approach, - head rossijkogo considers the states, - will allow to solve economic problems of system character and to provide to our country the international recognition in this area " - the president has told.

as he said, in Germany the wide experience of transfer of economic functions from the state 2 the non-governmental organisations 2 is saved up. " 4 Russia it too one of the most urgent problems, - recognised Putin. - Discussion of such questions - the big step 2 the reasonable organisation of economic life in our country ".