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In RKK " Energy " are assured of durability " the Unions - TMA "

Despite failure in a mode of landing of the ship " Union TMA - 1 " in It is rocket - space corporation/ RKK/ " Energy " consider that these ships it is possible to use confidently on delivery cosmonauts on the International space station/ MKS/ and at their returning from an orbit.

as have noted on Friday " News " in RKK, being now onboard MKS the following ship " Union TMA - 2 " can be used 4 returning to the Earth 7 - j long-term expedition in the autumn.

at the same time, experts RKK " Energy " have made recommendations to members of the seventh expedition who completely will exclude repetition of a supernumerary mode of the landing which have occurred to the ship " Union TMA - 1 ".

" By the ship which has come back from space " Union TMA - 1 " We have spent 50 probation tests and only two of them have repeated " failure " in the management system, similar to volume that has occurred to this ship on May, 4th. Our recommendations of the seventh expedition give guarantees that at " autumn " descent ship automatics will work regularly " - have noted in RKK " Energy ".

However, since the ship " Union TMA - 3 " have noted in RKK " Energy " completion of the block of management by descent - BUSP - M, - its management entering into system will be spent. " W introduction in this block of additional elements ship automatics will work faultlessly " - have assured of corporation.