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MKS " will evade " from the companion

the International space station/ MKS/ in 20. 50 Moscow time on Friday will make maneuver to avoid collision in an orbit W 30 - a kilogramme Italian communication satellite " MegSat 0 ". ABT it " News " a deputy head flight of Russian segment MKS Victor Blagov has informed in the Command control centre flights/ TSUP/.

> He has noticed that lifting of an orbit of station will be made by a disposable impulse of WRK of engines, as a result parametres of an orbit of station, on the average, will increase about 388,5 km B4 390,2 km. The fuel earlier delivered on MKS by the Russian cargo ship " will be thus used; Progress ".

" Change of parametres of an orbit of station will allow to avoid risk of such collision " - Blagov has noted. As he said, " correction will be made so that the Italian companion has passed outside of so-called " Safety zones " MKS which has the sizes approximately in 50 km x 50 km x 4 km ".

the Italian communication satellite " MegSat 0 " has been started on April, 28th, 1999. " the raising of an orbit of the International space station becomes the sixth maneuver connected with close passage of space object for time, passed W the beginning of WRK on station construction/ since 1998/ " - Blagov has noted.