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the United Nations have translated $1 mlrd to restoration of Iraq

the United Nations have transferred into account Fund of restoration of Iraq 1 mlrd dollars.

as have informed " News " in the device of the representative of the secretary general of United Nations Freda Ekharda, transfer of this sum from the means which were RCVed from sale of the Iraq oil and were on the bill of the organisation of the international community, has been carried out on Wednesday.

such measure has been provided by the resolution accepted on May, 22nd 1483 UN Security Councils across Iraq. According to it the Fund of development 4 Iraq with the bill in the central bank of the country has been founded.

fund means, as appears from the resolution 1483, should be spent " under the decision/ occupational/ Administrations and in coordination with transitive administration of Iraq for humanitarian needs of the Iraq people, on economy and infrastructure restoration, continuation of disarmament of Iraq, financing of civil authorities and other problems in the blessing to the Iraq people ".

In Fund conducting in six MTH after program end " oil in exchange for the foodstuffs " incomes of trade in the Iraq energy carriers will arrive.

in fund should be passed 2 Iraq avuary, frozen abroad after aggression of Bagdad against Kuwait, and all " financial assets or the economic resources taken out from Iraq or got by Saddam Hussein or other high-ranking members of the former government of Iraq and members of their families " and also under control to them. The Exception will make only the property which arrest in the third countries is put.

as it is underlined in the resolution, the expenditure of means of Fund should carry " transparent character " and to be supervised by the independent auditors confirmed by the International advice of observers and advisers. Into it will enter, besides the secretary general of the United Nations, the managing director of IMF, the general director of the Arabian fund socially - economic development and the president of the World bank or their plenipotentiaries.

the UNSF resolution provides introduction till December, 31st, 2007 of immunity from suit of Fund of development 4 Iraq, and financial claims are offered for putting forward is international to the recognised government of Iraq after its occurrence.