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Iraqis search baasistov

Iraqis search baasistov to which they want to revenge for  destruction of the relatives in days of Saddam Hussein`s board.

" I, executed Hussein Huzafa Ali`s father in 1991, search for the former head of the party organisation of the city of Al - Mejmun Ali Hanuna Halafa - the criminal guilty of death of my son. I ask all to help to find it, and the Allah will render thanks to you for it ". Such announcement near to tens similar to it hangs on a building of regional administration of a province of Majsan in the city of Amara/ 365 km 2 jugo - to the east from Bagdad/.

After war in Persian gulf of 1991/ operation " the Storm in wilderness "/ the population of southern provinces of Iraq making the most part Shiits have lifted revolt. However, without having RCVed support of the United States in every possible way pushing them 2 mutiny, have been cruelly stifled by Saddam Hussein`s army. Ten thousand people have been executed for participation in antigovernmental rebellion.

After falling baasistskogo a mode and ESP after in many areas of Iraq mass burial places of victims of punishment over the rebelled Shiits have been found out, relatives of victims began to revenge the guilty. Hundred former functionaries correcting in Iraq of party Baas, have been killed in Shiit areas of Bagdad and in southern provinces of the country. Many, escaping from punishment, ran in other areas of Iraq. 2DAY they are searched by those who thirsts for revenges.

are how much strong antibaasistskie moods in today`s Iraq the posters written by members of nations the Expert - Saadi and Al - Jasari bear, for example, hanging on the same building of regional administration of a province of Majsan. They do not search for concrete persons, and call " to liquidate all baasistov ".

In turn, inhabitants of a province of Babil were converted 2 occupational armies not to be limited to arrest only 55 - ti the person, the searched members of the former Iraq management included in the known list, they demand arrest of all involved in crimes of last mode, in particular, the former governor of a province of Babil Talaa the Hell - Nonsenses. Only in one this province in 1991 were lost more than 32 tys the person.