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Spouses of 20 heads of the states have visited on fashion show

the Spouse of the president of Russia Lyudmila Putin together with spouses of 19 heads of the states which have arrived to Petersburg on commemorating of anniversary of a city, have visited special display of a collection of models of Theatre of fashions of Vyacheslav Zajtseva.

As the correspondent " passes; News " the defile passed in pavilion of negotiations of the Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna.

as Lyudmila Putin has noted, one and a half years ago she has visited display of a collection of this fashion designer. Then Vyacheslav Zatseva`s WRK have made the big impression upon the spouse of the president. In its opinion, model of the well-known couturier are worthy to be presented to the world. Commemorating 300 - letija Petersburg became a perfect occasion to the display organisation, she considers.

upon termination of a defile the fashion designer has presented in a gift " the first lady " spirits from the author`s collection, and the guest were photographed for memory W actors of Theatre of a fashion.

Visitation by spouses of presidents of a palace by tea drinking Has come to the end.