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Ford declared war to allergens

The company Ford Motor is the unique producer in the world, delivering the cars completely corresponding to requirements T Ü V and the materials not containing in interiors calling an allergy . In 2004 C-MAX became the first passenger automobile of Ford which have passed a type certification of world famous independent organisation T Ü V Rheinland (Cologne, Germany) under the standard « Interior without allergens ».

For today certificates T Ü V have eight models of Ford: new Fiesta, Fusion, Focus (actuating Coupe-Cabriolet), C-MAX, Kuga, Mondeo, S MAX and Galaxy. Now pass model 2010 type certification - new S-MAX and Galaxy which soon appear in the market of Europe. All subsequent models of Ford will pass also a type certification.

in the course of passenger compartment testing the all-round testing, which purpose &ndash are conducted; To reveal availability of hazardous substances and the components calling an allergy at people. This procedure provides the analysis and probe more than 100 names of materials and components.;

developing a car interior in which there should be no allergens, engineers of Ford aspire to avoid usage for an inner trim of such materials, as latex, chrome and nickel. These elements are capable to call allergic reaction at some people. All components which will have direct or long-term contact piece to a skin of the person, for example, a steering wheel, the lining of seats and seat belts, also pass testing to avoid negative effect.

Ford cars are arranged by high-quality filters which do not suppose pollen hit in interior and warrant maintenance of pure air in the car.

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T Ü V – It is the world famous independent organisation of Germany executing testing and a type certification of an industrial output and consumer goods according to the quality standards. Type certification T Ü V warrants that inner trim materials are selected so that as much as possible to reduce risk of origin of an allergy. In February, 2008 the European centre on allergy probe (Berlin, Gerrmanija) also awarded Ford company with the quality certificate - additional acknowledgement of activity of the company on development of interiors of cars without allergens.