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Ford of Europe developed a stability index

The company Ford of Europe published the first in automobile branch the record about a stability index products (PSI). The index about which there is a speech, ensures the all-round approach to an estimation of ecological, social and economic effect of cars from the earliest stages of their development.

this 38-page record in details uncovers principles, criteria and the approaches used at determination PSI. It also testifies that all three models developed taking into account PSI - completely new Fords Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy - possess the improved parametres of ecological, social and economic stability in comparison with the previous models.

« Ford aspires to stability augmentation in automobile branch, - the president and SEO Ford companies of Europe John Fleming told. - The problem scale means what insufficiently to manufacture two or three new ecologically foremost products and to be stopped on it. PSI Ford companies of Europe shows that the stability concept can be integrated into development of mass products in interests of our buyers and environment. Also PSI acknowledges the serious and responsible relation of the company to its role of the leader of automobile branch in the field of the solution of these problems ».

Fordovsky PSI traces eight characteristics of the products recognised as crucial elements of stability of the car. These characteristics - effect on global warming during life cycle (basically effect of blowouts of dioxide carbon), effect on quality of air during life cycle (other fumes), usage of steady materials (utilised and renewed), reduction of usage of harmful materials (type certification T?V acknowledges that interiors of cars moderate danger of origin of an allergy), effect of noise created by the car on environment, security (the driver, passengers and pedestrians), useful space of the car (a ratio between space for the driver, passengers and luggage and car overall dimensions) and ownership cost (all costs of the buyer for three first).

These characteristics reflect the multifactorial nature of stability and the all-round approach of the company of Ford.

Independent probe fordovskogo PSI, conducted by specialists in the field of life cycle and stability of products professor David Hankelerom (earlier working at university Vanderbilta in Neshvile, the USA, and Lozannsky university, Switzerland) and professor Walter Klepfferom (university of Mainz, Germany) showed that the given initiative of Ford is directed on providing of a universal estimation of stability and corresponds to the international standard of an estimation of life cycle of products ISO 14040.

PSI creates the basis for a constant estimation and raise of characteristics of stability of new generations of cars. Completely new Ford Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy possess improved values PSI in comparison with the predecessors.

for example, these three models contain bolshee quantity of the utilised and renewed materials. Along with raise of characteristics of security blowouts in atmosphere and cost of ownership during all life cycle are moderated.

after Ford Ka, Ford Focus and Ford C-MAX, all three aforementioned models met with approval TUV Rhineland Group acknowledging that their interiors are checked on availability of the materials calling an allergy.

this award is appropriated the companies if specialists TUV acknowledge that finishing materials of interior moderate danger of allergic reactions to the minimum possible level. Ford - the first producer offering cars with given type certification TUV and planing further to certificate in a similar way as much as possible existing and future models.

PSI reflects the activity which is conducted from the beginning of 90th years. Ford company became the first-ever automobile company which has manufactured in 1993 for the engineers and suppliers of the advisory on development of cars, salvaging raising efficiency. In the course of time these advisories turned to wider concept of development in interests of environment, but also it was only intermediate step as the social concept of stability was beyond purely environmental problems. The instrument for control of development in interests of providing of stability was required. PSI became the newest and most universal instrument of designing of cars of Ford.

« all future cars of Ford will be developed taking into account PSI. It acknowledges aspiration of the company of Ford and henceforth to introduce the contribution to stability augmentation to automobile branch, - Fleming told. - However also it is clear that for the solution of the major problems linked to automobile stability, integrated approaches and efforts of all interested representatives of transport sector be required to a society more. All of us are involved in this problem and should participate in its solution » - he marked in summary ».