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The company of General Motors finished the transaction under the ground area repayment near St.-Petersburg

The company General Motors finished procedure the ground area redemption on which the factory « takes place; Dzhi Em of the Car » in settlement Shushary in St.-Petersburg.

obtaining in property GM of the ground area on which directly there is factory GM, and adjoining territory is conducted in a full compliance with the investment agreement between GM and the Government of St.-Petersburg. The Russian automobile market is priority for General Motors and successful end of procedure of the redemption of a ground of industrial function on which parts within a year as enterprise GM Auto, a major landmark in realisation of long-term investment strategy of the company in Russia acts.

Assembly factory GM of a complete production cycle in St.-Petersburg has been opened on November, 7th, 2008, and off-road cars of Chevrolet Captiva and Opel Antara became the first models in production. The Total amount of investments into creation of this production exceeded 300 million US dollars, has been created about 1000 work areas. The enterprise plans for complete capacity which constitutes 60000 cars in a year, to go out by the end of 2010.

now at factory the sedan of the S-class of Chevrolet Cruze also is effected and at full speed preparing for starting in production of Opel Astra of new generation is led, extension begins in 2010. Modern production GM in St.-Petersburg allows to manufacture simultaneously some miscellaneous models of cars. With starting new Opel Astra of such models becomes already four. And with the ground area purchasing which sizes exceed current demands of the enterprise acting for today, the company goes out on a new stage - gradual expansion of the production activity in St.-Petersburg.