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Stamp of Hummer will be liquidated

The company General Motors starts liquidation of the subdivision Hummer ; self-supporting it it « to pull » does not wish, and buyers cannot find. The unique claimant – the Chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines working in the field of heavy mechanical engineering, showed interest to the company, however the transaction in cost in $150 million has been broken at the initiative of the government of the Peoples Republic of China. The last, in attempt to regulate volumes of output of cars in country, came to a conclusion that the big and gluttonous off-road car in the market of the economic and harmless cars which production is stimulated with the country authorities, appears out of place.

Remained without buyers, General Motors made to start the solution brand liquidation. The definitive sentence of Hummer is signed, but is not enforced yet. Therefore, claimants on « a hand and heart » Hummers, under the information which are starting with Detroit, still can have time to jump on a step of a leaving train and to gain Hummer subdivision.

private individuals from among potential buyers also still have time for purchasing of the car which can become rare. So, the Russian dealers of the brand still had machines of extension of two last years which have been made at factory « the Autotorus » in Kaliningrad. As to accessories, present holders of cars of Hummer also do not need to worry. Extension of spare parts to this brand will not be stopped.