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Hyundai showed, what will be new Equus

The company Hyundai Motor presented the first official images new Equus. It still that for the machine? New? Not absolutely. Yes, to utter difficult; will purchase even more difficult. First, at us it officially is not on sale; secondly, costs as a good German limousine.

so Hyundai Equus – it also is a limousine. Remarkable feature: the model about which nothing automobile journalists Old and a New World (yes-yes, and I know even including), is manufactured since 1999. Thus, new Equus – second generation model. The first generation of the car of Hyundai Equus developed together with Mitsubishi Motors, till now sold only in Korea, China and in the Near East.

those who went by this machine, say that Equus – one of most « heaped up » in respect of engineering « wheelbarrows » Ever manufactured in South Korea. So, in mast head picking new Equus it will be arranged by 5-litre motor V8 and to cost $96 thousand. Also it is Hyundai, ladies and gentlemen!

seizes, isn that so? There are versions and is easier. For example, with 3,8-litre V6 or with 4,6-litre V8. But it is uninteresting … that version with the 5-litre motor which is accelerated to 100 km/h less, than for 6 seconds looks much more attractive.

the new Asian limousine will have 5,16 m in a length, 1,9 m in breadth and 1,495 m in altitude. In picking 2010 Hyundais Equus it will be possible to discover light-emitting diode lanterns, seat belts with prednatjazhiteljami, system of providing of yaw direction stability, the system preventing of change of a traffic lane and a new 8-step automatic transmission of own development.

what for we tell about the car which is not present in Russia? Who knows, to us there will go the Russian oligarchs in financial crisis? Suddenly want to interchange the « Mercedes » and « Bentley » on « Hyundai ». Hyundai Equus of new generation too is registered in « suites-limousines » do not forget about it …