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Hyundai Motor presents in Frankfurt ix35

The company Hyundai strenghtens own positions in the market of off-road cars in the Old World, exhibiting on public court on the International showroom in Frankfurt absolutely new model, called to change popular in Europeans Hyundai Tucson .

Hyundai ix35 appears on sale the next six months. To show the same results, as Tucson, and, whenever possible, and to exceed them – here, perhaps, the innovation main task in the European market. And to aspire to eat to what. Tucson enters in ten the most popular SUV in the segment. Since 2004 when it appeared in Europe, in the Old World markets it has been implemented 63 thousand cars of this model.

Hyundai ix35 was designed in Europe, on the basis of stylistic and company centre of science in German Frankfurt. Forms and stil a car are characteristic for new developments of the Korean company. Soft lines kontseptkara, anticipating a premiere of serial Hyundai ix35 in the spring of this year in Geneva, flowed on the new car. That is under its stylish body to speak early. We wait prime ministers, friends!