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In colonies of the Novgorod region every seventh denounced has demanded sentence softening

In colonies of the Novgorod region every seventh denounced has demanded sentence softening, have informed " News " on Wednesday in a press - service of the Novgorod regional management of execution of punishments/ UIN/ the Ministries of Justice of the Russian Federation.

2 the present MOM into administrations of colonies were converted 563 of approximately 4,4 tys denounced, the representative a press - services has told. Mainly, petitions have arrived from the prisoners who are serving time for netjazhkie.

in the petitions the denounced ask ABT a training for a new profession of article of their crime/ or its parts/ on less " rigid " ABT softening of a mode of serving of punishment, ABT reduction of terms of imprisonment or ABT clearing.

the basis 4 requests from prisoners of a steel of the amendment in Criminal and Criminally - executive the codes of the Russian Federation accepted in 2003 by the State Duma of Russia.

According to Novgorod UIN, the right to change of a sentence after acceptance of amendments has appeared at the overwhelming majority of those who serves time in the Novgorod colonies.

so, it is expected that only in Borovichsky establishment OJA 22/ 3 this right will use 844 of approximately 1 tys denounced, nowadays passing treatment for a tuberculosis. Employees of the Novgorod colonies, have noted in a press - service UIN, assist prisoners in realisation of their rights.

in particular, they look through private affairs denounced, help them to collect necessary documents and direct petitions to court.

According to data of the Novgorod management of execution of punishments, in courts of the Novgorod region the first petitions from prisoners are already considered.

in particular, on a judgement there were on freedom a little denounced establishments OJA 22/ 9 in settlement Parfino which after decrease in the top limit of terms of punishment in a number of articles of its criminal code of Russian Federation already have left completely.