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the Savings Bank of Russia and Tsentr Hrunicheva have concluded the cooperation agreement

the Savings Bank of Russia and one of the largest Russian developers is rocket - space technics FGUP " State space scientifically - the industrial CTR of M.V.Hrunicheva " have concluded on Wednesday the cooperation agreement, has informed a press - Savings Bank service.

" the cooperation agreement is directed on development by the parties of partner relations on a long-term basis in the field of granting of mutual services by bank and the enterprise with a view of increase of efficiency of their commercial activity " - it is SPK in a press - Savings Bank release.

in particular, the agreement provides granting by bank of short-term and long-term credits 4 realisation of commercial, industrial and export programs, and also investment projects of the enterprise.

Besides, the Savings Bank will incur the complex is settlement - cash service of the enterprise and service of foreign trade activities of Tsentra Hrunicheva.

the Agreement assumes realisation of the salary project W use of bank cards of the Savings Bank of Russia, and also crediting by bank of employees of the enterprise under corporate guarantees.

the Savings Bank, according to the agreement, will be engaged in formation of complex programs on optimisation of service of counterparts of the enterprise, and also affilirovannyh societies of the enterprise W use of possibilities of a filial network of bank.

the agreement 2 provides business expansion in regions W affilirovannymi societies of the CTR of Hrunicheva.