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On process in Tallinn Russian Yury Ustimenko accused of murder of five persons, does not plead guilty

the Citizen of Russia Yury Ustimenko accused of murder of five persons, two attempts of murder, robbery and other criminal activity, on Wednesday in the Tallinn city court has not pled guilty to fulfilment of grave crimes incriminated to it.

ABT it " News " the lawyer accused, the head of the Baltic representation of the Russian union of lawyers Alexander Kustov has informed.

according to the defender, Ustimenko has pled guilty only partially - to acquisition and explosive manufacturing, realisation of explosions, plunder and fire-arms storage.

" during today`s session, - has told Bushes, - representatives of victims who on the merits of the case could not show anything are interrogated, and interrogation of Ustimenko has been spent. Last has given explanatories on all episodes incriminated to it ".

As the lawyer has noted, Ustimenko has refused to answer questions of the public prosecutor, without having informed the reason of the refusal. " I Hope, - has told Bushes, - it will make it 2MORO ".

According to the defender, Ustimenko has explained to court Y it during the investigation constantly changed the indications. According to accused, from the moment of its arrival to Estonia over it supervision was constantly carried out and pressure was put from police.

Ustimenko has added that it did not place as it is necessary in prison, and transported across all Estonia on various prisoner houses. The strengthened food and possibility to use a mobile phone in exchange " was given to it; necessary " polices of indications.

on Thursday the court on business of Ustimenko will proceed.