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Lithuania simplifies rules of transit of military cargoes, at the same time 4 Russia the order of transportation of military cargoes remains former

the Lithuanian government has established new rules of transit of military cargoes through the territory. As the correspondent " passes; News " these measures begin to enter in connection with country preparation the NATO and the European Union.

the rules confirmed in 1994 resolved transit of military cargoes of foreign countries through territory of Lithuania only by rail and air transport. New rules provide military transit and on highways. Till now it was possible only 4 Latvia, Estonia and Poland. At the same time new rules of military transit provide that Lithuania reserves the right to forbid transportation of military cargoes in the event that it will contradict United Nations sanctions, EU, OSCE or such transportations will threaten national interests of the country. 2 as well as now through territory of Lithuania transit of the nuclear, chemical and biological weapon will be forbidden.

4 Russia the transit order remains former. On the basis of the intergovernmental agreement W Russia through the Lithuanian territory to Kaliningrad military cargoes which from border B4 border are protected by the Lithuanian military men also are back transported. Through territory of the country unaided Russian military men 2 can follow.