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In Bachka Palanka Serbian city on Sunday are going to set up a record of Ginnessa, having welded 5 tons New Year`s uhi from the Danube fish

the Record, worthy inclusions in the book of Ginnessa, organizers of commemorating of orthodox New Year in the Serbian city of the Tank of Palanka are going to put on Sunday. Here is planned to prepare about five tons uhi from the Danube fish and to treat with it all present.

as the correspondent " passes; News " the copper 4 uhi, capacity of 4175 litres, is already mounted in one of open restaurants on Danube and tested by cooks. It specially 4 this event is made at the enterprise " Nickel - chrome the equipment " it is CKed by experts and it is tested by cooks.

on January, 13th it is equal in 16. 00 local time, under a copper will spread out a fire so that nearby 19. 00 visitors could try " record " uhi.

Experts already all have calculated. In a copper 1700 kg of the Danube fish, basically a carp, a catfish and trifles, 350 kg of an onion, 300 litres of tomato juice, 150 kg of various seasonings will be put. The most tasty, according to organizers, the ear will be prepared by 10 cooks - winners in manufacturing of this dish in different years, but, certainly, in smaller volumes.

fishermen and cooks - the main things responsible for quality uhi - hope to get to the book of records of Ginnessa. They are assured of flavouring qualities of the dish and that all will turn out how is conceived. However is also formalities which are necessary for executing. So, all process, from preparation of a copper, a bookmark of products B4 full readiness of a dish, as well as process of an entertainment present, will be registered in a special diary, on video cartridges and photos.

it is counted approximately up that ready uhoj it is possible to treat nearby 10 tys the person, and it too can become a record. Warmed up rakiju, a traditional drink of Serbs in the winter, visitors will RCV wine and beer 2 free of charge.

as organizers of a feast have declared, they want to glorify the city located on the bank of Danube, on the average its current. It is considered that this part of the European waterway the richest on stocks and ulovu fishes.

any restrictions 4 interested persons to participate in commemorating orthodox as it here name, the Serbian New Year is not present. Simultaneously W an entertainment record uhoj, present can take pleasure in music of amateur and professional collectives.