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For development of the Tomsk region till 2005 it is planned to spend 45 mlrd roubles

. For development of the Tomsk region it is planned to spend 45 mlrd roubles. Such data contains in the program socially - economic development of region till 2005, the board of administration of the Tomsk region assumed as a basis.

as have informed the correspondent " News " in a press - regional administration service, the power intends to make special accent on development of an oil and gas complex, on - former promising to remain bjudzhetoobrazujushchim. In particular, building kondensatoprovoda from the Myldzhinsky deposit B4 Tomsk petrochemical industrial complex, factory building szhizhennogo gas in village Volodino of Krivosheinsky area, reconstruction neftehimkombinata is planned. Capital investments in the oil and gas industry in this time will make more than 2 mlrd roubles.

According to authors of the program, sources of its financing should become regional (5 mlrd roubles), federal (nearby 16 mlrd roubles) budgets and off-budget means (more than 22 mlrd roubles).

Under the optimistic forecast of the assistant to the governor on Oksana Kozlovsky`s economic policy, as a result of performance of the program the economy and social sphere of area can leave on qualitatively new level: the volume of a total regional product 2 2005 - mu will increase to year by 40 percents, and industrial production growth will reach 42 percents

In a press - to regional administration service have informed 2, in February the program will be submitted for approval deputies of the regional Duma.