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the Premiere of an opera " Mazepa " Tchaikovsky in the Bolshoi theatre it will be dated 2 120 - letiju from the date of its first statement

the Premiere of an opera " Mazepa " Peter Tchaikovsky which will take place on January, 30th in the Bolshoi theatre of Russia, it will be dated 2 120 - letiju from the date of its first statement. On it has informed on a press - conferences on Thursday general director Big Anatoly Iksanov.

" It is the second of four opera premieres planned in this season at our theatre, - he has told. - " Mazepa " and we are proud of this fact, for the first time was issued stages on a Bolshoi theatre scene on February, 3rd, 1884. There were some statements in Big " Mazepas " in which such great singers, as Vladimir Atlantov, Tamara Milashkina, Evgenie Nesterenko, Irina Arhipov took part. This time we represent the new names, new actors as which has had the luck to work W known drama director Robert Sturua ".

" I do not like to SPK about performance while it is not present and what it will be, it is not known, - have noted, in turn, Sturua. - I give thanks to the Bolshoi theatre for this invitation and was very glad and happy to work W such phenomenal, tremendous music, as great Tchaikovsky music ".

As always, Robert Sturua works with the constant partner - artist George Aleksi - Meshishvili. As the Music director of statement and the conductor Alexander Titus has acted, and the main parties execute: Mazepas - Valery Alekseev, Maria - Lolitta Semenina, Kochubey - Vadim Lynkovsky, Ljubovi - Tatyana Gorbunova.

In this season it is planned not less than ten statements of an opera " Mazepa ". The statement budget - 700 tys dollars.