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Valentina Matvienko intends to transform Petersburg into a city W the European standards of life

Valentine Matvienko intends to transform Petersburg into a city W the European standards of life. It the governor of Northern capital has declared on Thursday to journalists on a press - the conference devoted to summarising of its first hundred days on fast of the city governor.

" we want and for this purpose there are all bases, to make so that a city was convenient, comfortable 4 its inhabitants and corresponded to the European standards. 2DAY on all indicators we very much lag behind, therefore Petersburg is in a rating of leading cities of the world on 82 place " - has told Matvienko.

" we have set for ourselves a problem to transform Petersburg into a city W the European standards of life " - she has added.

" it is complex system of measures, W its realisation townspeople will feel real positive changes " - has underlined the governor.

First of all, as she said, this improvement of conditions of residing, reform housing - municipal services, moving of shabby, emergency, municipal habitation, building of comfortable habitation, Q liquidation on maintenance with TEL, the decision of transport problems of a city, a conclusion of the industrial enterprises from city centre. It is supposed to lift and a standard of living of Petersburgers.

the governor has noticed that now there is an active WRK over end of the General plan of a city which will be korrespondirovatsja W the plan of economic and social development.

the program of strategic projects of a city 2 is developed.

" the committee on investments which prepares such program is created. We have agreed it to discuss with Minister of Economics Gref, and to get support sofinansirovanija the federal budget CUZ large infrastructural projects which the city needs, cannot be realised W/ O serious federal support " - has noted Matvienko.

in a city the program of development of hostels prepares. In February at session of the city government the program of development of public toilets will be considered. Now in their city only 55, and till January, 1st, 2008 their number will increase B4 500.

" It will allow us to leave on the specifications accepted in the European cities. Besides, the order ABT availability of public toilets in places of public catering and other points " will be accepted; - has told the governor.

thus the governor has noticed that transformation of Petersburg into a city W the European standards - process not QIK.

" certainly, it is impossible at once and to realise this process everywhere. City possibilities on capacity - to an electricity, heat, water - are almost settled 2DAY. We will be urged to distract any means for development of an engineering infrastructure in first two years that then will give a serious push in a development of the city " - has noted Matvienko.

to realise the concept " Petersburg - a city of the European standards " on belief of the governor, it is impossible W/ O support of townspeople.

" if townspeople do not support the power, any power in itself cope with it cannot. The European city is a solidarity of responsibility of townspeople and the authorities " - has added Matvienko.