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the Vice-president the IOC the Vice-president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vitaly Smirnov has supported active attraction of the former sportsmen in the sports organisations

has supported attraction of the former sportsmen in the sports organisations.

" we should study in those democratic changes which occur in the country, and already now there are many examples when the brilliant sportsman becomes the brilliant head " - Smirnov at a briefing on Monday has declared.

he has noted an age problem of this question, having told thus that attraction of young men on a post in the sports organisations - " normal healthy process ".

At a briefing the carrying out subject otchetno - elective conferences of sports federations of Russia was discussed also. The head of Federal agency on physical training, sports and tourism Vyacheslav Fetisov, Valentine Balahnichev who are responsible for preparation by Russian national team 2 the Olympic Games in Athenes, and Vitaly Smirnov were converted 2 sports federations W the request to spend otchetno - elective conferences after the Olympic games in Greece, instead of B4 them.

Nevertheless, some federations have decided not to adhere to this offer. So, for example, the All-Russia federation of swimming (VFP) does not intend to follow this advice and plans to carry out this action in April in Moscow.

the quadruple Olympic champion on swimming, the chairman of the council of captains of national teams of Russia Alexander Popov from members of national teams was converted 2 management VFP W the request to carry out this action in Moscow after end of Games.

" To me members of national teams W the request for that otchetno - elective conferences of federations passed after end of Games that will give the chance to leading sportsmen are converted, to trainers and experts at least as invited to participate in summarising of Games " - it is SPK in circulation the swimmer.

while, nevertheless, this offer has not met support from president VFP Gennady Alyoshin.

according to Fetisova, he personally, and also Vitaly Smirnov and a member of the International Olympic committee Shamil Tarpischev asked Alyoshin to transfer (IOC) otchetno - the elective commission for later term. However requests EVN such influential people could not change the decision of head VFP.

Any certain decision about it at a briefing it was accepted not, however Smirnov has urged the public to occupy an active position in this question and to make the maximum impact on those federations which intend to spend otchetno - elective meetings before the Olympic games.