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the Russian ethnographic museum plans to open in Afghanistan cultural - the ethnographic CTR

the Russian ethnographic museum (REM) plans to open in severo - the western province of Afghanistan Herat cultural - the ethnographic CTR. W such offer 2 director REMa Vladimir Grusmanu the government of Afghanistan was converted.

as has informed " News " the head a press - services REM Inna Karpushina, on Monday at the initiative of the ministry of culture of Afghanistan, and also with support of the ministry of culture and mass communications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia will go to Herat group of scientists - ethnographers.

it is the scientific expedition first over the last 50 years to Afghanistan in which course the traditional culture of the people of this country - pushtunov will be studied, the Turkman, Uzbeks and Tadjiks.

experts 2 assume to find out, how have affected traditional culture of Afghanistan of religion which shrived the people adjoining to this country.

" Afghanistan adjoined to the countries in which confessed Islam, the Buddhism and ellinisticheskie cults. Besides, in territory of modern Afghanistan one of the most interesting religious cults in the history of mankind - zoroastrizm " has arisen; - has noted Karpushina.

Within the limits of visit to Afghanistan the Russian scientists will meet the minister of culture of Afghanistan Said Mahdum Rahimom and the governor of a province Herat Ismail the Khan, and also will familiarise with a future building cultural - ethnographic ktsentra.

On returning to Petersburg it will be made tematiko - the exposition plan of the CTR, the further stages of WRK are planned. It is planned 2 that to the Russian ethnographic museum on training there will arrive experts from Afghanistan.

the basis of Herat is attributed to Alexander the Great after which death the city was a part of the ancient and medieval states of Middle East. Through Herat there were trading ways from Central Asia to India and China. The greatest blossoming Herat has reached in XV century at Timuridah when became the largest trading, craft and cultural CTR on Middle East. In Herat there lived Alisher Navoi, Dzhami, Mirhond, Hafiz and Abru, Behzad both other well-known scientists and cultures of the Middle Ages.