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mass-media of Russia and Belarus should create favorable information field - the ambassador of Belarus in the Russian Federation

mass-media of Russia and Belarus should create favorable information field of two countries. ABT it in interview " News " the ambassador of Belarus in the Russian Federation Vladimir Grigoriev has declared.

" one of key problems Belarus - the Russian cooperation - creation of uniform information field of two our states. The space favorable for both parties " - the diplomat has told.

" both Byelorussians, and Russians are interested in that in relations between our brotherly countries of mass media bore the creative, uniting beginning " - he has added.

as he said, " In Belarus W gratitude conceive the weighed position of the majority of the Russian mass-media according to the integration processes, the increased respect of the Russian press for actions of a management of Byelorussia and the Russian Federation, directed on Union State creation ".

" At the same time, present so-called Belarus - Russian " an information field " still it is more similar to street W one-way traffic " - Grigoriev has noted.

it has explained that " leading TV channels of Russia " are accessible to almost all population of Belarus;. " At us it is possible to get the Russian periodicals W/ O problems. By the way, 2DAY in territory of Belarus extends over three thousand printing Russian editions " - the diplomat has specified.

" however our information possibilities in Russia it is incomparable more low. The Belarus television is not so familiar to Russians, they practically do not C our newspapers and magazines " - podcherkul the ambassador.

" in my opinion, a good omen and the real contribution to building - the Russian Union State continuation of a line of the Russian state and regional information structures on objective, benevolent illumination political and socially - an economic situation in our republic " would be Belarus; - he has told.

" let it will be also criticism, but criticism fair, constructive. After all ABT Byelorussia, its people is what to tell in various transfers: political, economic, sports, entertaining - in morning, day, vesper " - Grigoriev has noted.

the diplomat has especially underlined that " The republic management applies a maximum of efforts that ANY1 inhabitant of Belarus could realise the constitutional law on reception full and trustworthy information ABT the events occurring in our country and abroad ".