Rus News Journal

the Roman football club " Rum " has ahead of schedule RCVed means from a broadcasting company " Skye " for the right to display of matches W its participation

the Broadcasting company " Skye " has paid to football club " Rum " a part of the sum which are due to it for the right to display of matches W its participation. On it on Tuesday has informed the Italian news agency ANSA, having underlined that it is a question of the sum approximately in 12 million euro, which " Skye " the representing network of paid TV channels, has paid to club before the stipulated term.

transfer of these means will give the chance " Rum " to bring a payment necessary for check in in UEFA for the future football season.

ANSA informs that on Tuesday and environment quotations " are stopped; Rums " at a stock exchange.

the Roman football club " Rum " experiences serious financial crisis. In the end of February negotiations W the Russian oil company " were carried on; Nafta - Moscow " however the transaction has not taken place from - for huge debts of club.