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Farmpredprijatija of Russia will be integrated and merge further - Minpromenergo of Russia

Farmpredprijatija of Russia will be integrated and merge further, has informed on Tuesday at the All-Russia conference " Pharmaceutical industry of Russia: 2DAY and 2MORO " the head of department Minpromenergo of Russia Michael Grigoriev has informed.

as he said, for last 14 years there were 24 large transactions on merge and absorbing Russian farmpredprijaty for a total sum more than 540 billion roubles.

" as though we neither wanted and nor tried to create magic of greatness domestic farmkompany, it is necessary to understand that merge, absorbing and EVN liquidation is main road which expects domestic branch, and it is not necessary to be afraid of it " - official Minpromenergo has declared.

Grigoriev has explained that for today in the domestic market the same preparation let out more than ten enterprises, thus ruining and killing each other and all industry as a whole.

" enormous efforts, money for that this preparation to register and QIK are thus spent to push through system of Ministry of Health, and then in accelerated tempo to reduce the price " - the official has added. Thus the price for a medicine does not cover EVN the price of expenses for raw materials of corresponding quality, he has noted.

Grigoriev recognised that pharmaceutical industry of Russia endures now hard times.

according to Federal Agency of the state statistics, the population of Russia makes 4 % from the population of all planet, and goods turnover of medical products in wholesale prices only hardly more than 0,7 % from world volume, or more than three billions roubles.