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In Greece house dogs will RCV electronic passports

In Greece shortly the system " will be realised; electronic passports " 4 house dogs, the Greek newspaper " has informed on Tuesday; Elefteros Tipos ".

the Greek parliament passes the law according to which, in a body of ANY1 house dog should be vzhivlen a special microchip which will contain the information on an origin of the animal, the transferred illnesses, the made inoculations and other.

It is supposed that " the electronic passport " the house pupil will manage to the owner of a dog approximately in 40 euros. Veterinary surgeons who should get, in turn, the special device in cost B4 200 euros 4 " will implant the chip an animal; readings " microchips.

the law is accepted, however sanctions which will be applied 2 its infringers, are not defined yet, the newspaper marks.