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Andrew Kachins: " reboot " was successful

- the Basic results I would name, first of all, signing on April, 20th, 2010 new contract SNV, and also meaningful dialogue renewal on control over nuclear arms and nuclear security. In - the second, it is agreements on transit of arms, military technology and the personnel through territory and air space of Russia, it is an important role which is played by Russia in Northern network of delivery (Northern Distribution Network). It is very important 4 the USA, as well as cooperation, for example, in suppression of the narcotraffic and other areas. In - the third, it, of course, cooperation within the limits of Security Council of the United Nations concerning sanctions against Iran. I consider that 4 Obama Iran`s administration and the Iranian nuclear program are the main point of reboot in safety issues. And, probably, so or EVN the decision of Moscow not to sell to Teheran systems of air defence W - 300 was more important. In Washington it estimate very positively. As to the present MOM, I count on end by Russia of negotiations on the WTO and its introduction into this organisation in December at the following session. It will be the big achievement not only 4 Russian - the American relations, but also, of course, 4 the Russia and its participation in global economic processes.

- a leah you Expect drama changes in Russian - the American relations after elections 2012 in both countries?

- I do not expect serious changes in these relations after elections of 2012 in Russia. I consider that president Medvedev and the prime minister - minister Putin basically converge in estimations concerning expediency " reboots " and the events connected with it which occurred last three years. That will be after elections in the USA seems to me much more a complicated question. If Barack Obama is re-elected, special changes in foreign policy will not be. I consider that " reboot " was successful. Relations it is valid " have rebooted ". They became more constructive, as well as should be. At the same time to expect signing of any revolutionary agreements (similar in nuclear sphere which I have not mentioned above) it is not necessary to three agreements on civil cooperation. Nevertheless, I think that Obama`s administration will try to build relations, making a start from the reached level of bilateral cooperation. As the republican administration - the big sign on a question will lead.

- it is possible, these are simply pre-election games, which republicans should conduct as much as possible to discredit Obama`s administration?

- Quite right, Obama`s administration estimates " reboot " as one of the main achievements of the foreign policy. Naturally, the opposition party will find every possible occasions to subject to criticism this policy, " to bring down " the competitor. But to form foreign policy in practice - quite another matter.

- But, naturally, in relations between our countries there are also problems. What thorny questions, in your opinion, we should be engaged first of all?

- There is one more very important area of cooperation where, I consider, we managed to reach last years the best mutual understanding and level of cooperation of which was not at Bush`s administration. I mean our understanding of that occurs in the countries adjoining on Russia which it is accepted to name, " the post-Soviet territory ". I try to avoid such terminology. Here possibility of the conflict of the Russian and American interests on caucasus, in the Central Asia, in other areas and, first of all, in Georgia is saved. Obama`s administration has spent a lot of time within last three years not to admit renewal of this conflict.

In 2011 two key questions remained in economic sphere - negotiations on the WTO and in safety issues - the ABM. More optimism calls a WTO question though it too is not solved yet. As to the ABM this question will be discussed still, and I do not expect a rapid progress in 2012.

Samir Shahbaz, the head of representation of News in Washington, specially 4 Valdai˝lub Talked. ˝om.