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the Moscow City Council has passed the law on electoral systems in municipalities

Moscow, 2 aching - News. the Moscow City Council at session on Wednesday has passed the law establishing kinds of electoral systems at elections of deputies of municipal meetings.

the Document is accepted with a view of specification and reduction of positions of the Selective code of capital in conformity W the federal legislation. Elections of deputies of municipal meetings will pass in March, 2012. In total in Moscow 125 areas.

the State Duma in 2011 has countenanced introduced by the president of the Russian Federation the bill which provides use of the proportional or mixed electoral system on municipal elections in areas, where not less than 20 deputies. According to the president, the political competition at local level will contribute in strengthening of trust to party system, increase of responsibility of parties B4 the population. Now under the law not less than half of deputy mandates in municipality W number of 20 deputies also are more distributed between the candidate lists which have been put forward by political parties, is proportional to a poll of the voters RCVed by ANY1 of lists.

the Law provides three kinds of electoral systems: majority, proportional, mixed. Thus the kind of an electoral system applied in concrete municipal union, is defined by its charter.

According to the law, in Moscow on elections of deputies of municipal meeting W number of 20 and more deputy armchairs are applied the proportional and mixed electoral system.

On elections of representative bodies of other municipal unions, including representative bodies of municipal areas and city districts W number less than 20 deputies, can be applied the proportional, mixed or majority electoral system. Conditions of application of concrete electoral systems in such bodies will be defined depending on number of voters, a kind of municipality and other circumstances.

" the Bill offers to define a barrier through passage to selective associations on elections of deputies of municipal meeting at a rate of 5 % " - it is marked in the document.

2 in the law the list of documents represented to election committee, categories of the candidates supposed 2 elections W/ O petition is defined, the list of the bases 4 a recognition of signatures of voters void is specified, additional guarantees of maintenance of equal conditions of granting of premises 4 carrying out of propaganda public actions are established and the quantity of portable ballot-boxes out of a premise is defined.