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FSKN in courts about thousand affairs ABT poppy illegal circulation

Moscow annually passes, 3 aching - News. the Federal Agency of control over drug trafficking annually passes in courts about thousand the criminal cases connected with illegal circulation of an industrial poppy, the director of Federal Agency for control over drug trafficking Victor Ivans has informed journalists on Thursday.

Wide public interest to this subject has appeared in 2008 and has been connected with excitation of criminal cases against sellers of a confectionery poppy in many regions of Russia, including in the Kaluga region. In the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances of the Russian Federation then have explained that under an interdiction the poppy W the maintenance of the forbidden impurity, in particular, makovoj straws gets.

However legal experts consider that actions of narcopolicemen are included into the contradiction W operating in Russia the STATE VOLUME, supposing " Presence in lump of a confectionery poppy of a three-percent weed impurity in a kind makovoj straw ".

So, last week a member of Public chamber of Russia Elena Lukjanova through mass-media has declared that the Russian courts do not take into consideration arguments of the experts who ostensibly have convincingly proved that the poppy withdrawn by agents of national security has no relation to drugs.

" I would like to express concern in that we realise almost one thousand such affairs a year. You represent, what scales were RCVed by this problem, in particular in a kind of that the interdiction for reproduction of this culture (poppy) at us " is saved; - has reminded Ivans.

He has specified that poppy deliveries to Russia are carried out till now from - for a boundary.

Head FSKN has added that incomes of the Russian drug dealers realising atsetilirovannyj opium, make about 2,5 billion roubles a year.

Ivanov has specified that death rate of the Russian youth at the age from 15 till 34 years has decreased from 140 thousand persons in 2006 B4 108 thousand in 2010. In its opinion, not last role in it activity FSKN has played.

It has reminded that the addicts using opium, live on the average two - three years, and so-called " heroin " addicts - five - seven years.

According to FSKN, only for ten MTH 2011 in Russia it is liquidated more than 6 thousand narcobrothels, and almost in every third of them it was consumed atsetilirovannyj opium which is made from mixed with a confectionery poppy narcobusinessmen makovoj straw. Availability and cheapness of a poppy have led to that now in some regions of the country B4 90 percent opijnyh addicts make a potion of these raw materials, consider in department.

Members of Social council at FSKN complain about absence in the legislation of the Russian Federation of the norm accurately regulating the maintenance of impurity and narcotic substances in seeds of a poppy. Experts suggest to forbid some years import on territory of Russia of a confectionery poppy until the law on its turn will be passed.