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Denis Bojarintsev: the children`s trainer should be the Gud teacher!

is increases rates of development of a sports infrastructure, does better total result. If worthy support is not, building can be tightened for many long years, and can and not result at all in what. It is Gud that last years we began to be engaged more actively in the decision of these problems. After all all of us – both experts, and football players, and fans we wish 4 our football of the Gud future. After all 2DAY not all children`s schools are equipped by high quality artificial fields, it it is necessary to recognise and continue to work over it.

– What most important problems face children`s football?

– I sometimes come to the children`s sports school " Change ". It not such eminent, as spartakovskaja and army school, therefore and problems here much more – W equipment, W balls and footwear. At similar schools there are certain financial difficulties which need to be solved. Well and, of course, it is necessary to prepare strong children`s trainers and experts who not only is Gud would understand football, but also would know children`s psychology, were able to find the correct approach, would be Gud teachers. There is a Higher school of trainers, but, in my opinion, would be   it is quite good to prepare and experts in WRK it is exclusive W children.

- we Will pass from children`s football 2 the adult. You for a long time plan to remain in " Tom` "?

- the Contract at me till the end of a season, that is till May of next year. And there – we will think and solve. All will depend on, a leah we will correct a situation and a leah we can be fixed in the Prime minister - League.  

- This season has stood out long and uneasy …

– Yes, we have passed to system autumn - spring. There is a serious problem: at many clubs of a field simply are not ready to carrying out of games. Building of football arenas and fields W an artificial covering very much would help with this situation – the first tours could be begun on artificial fields, and then to pass smoothly to natural lawns. Quality of football in the beginning of spring and the end of autumn from it only would win. I consider that is unequivocal, new fields should be more!

- That you think of Russian national team game?

- we have result, and this most important thing. We left group, have made the way in a final round of the European championship. If the problem dares – means, all becomes correctly. There were, of course, complexities in the cycle beginning. But now the command of Dika of the Lawyer has typed a Gud course, and it is supported with performance of objects in view.

- it is necessary To us a companionable match from Greek national team. As though you have estimated force of rivals?

- In due time Greek national team has won the European championship, and it so simply is possible to nobody. For that time they had an alternation of generations. But we C that Greeks have made the way again in a final part of Euro, and again from the first place. I think that on force our national teams are approximately equal. Probably, Russians are hardly stronger.