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the Native the Cat - d Ivuara is recognised in the USA by guilty of rape of the Russian

Moscow, 8 aching - News. the Native the Cat - d Ivuara the South - Denver Akassi to whom rape of the Russian tourist and harassment 2 four women is charged, is recognised in the USA by guilty on four episodes of charge, informs on Tuesday agency Assoshiejted the Press.

the Defendant does not recognise the fault - as he said everything that occurred between it and victims, occurred in consent.

Lawyer Akassi Glenn Hard (Glenn Hardy) has declared that its client " stoically " has conceived a judgement and plans to appeal.

According to the party of charge, Akassi fascinated the victims cheerful behaviour and the invented image of the journalist and the producer, and having gained the confidence showed sexual aggression.

the Defendant who had no own corner, told to women about what real estate gets, and 4 underlining of the success the man used a false web - a site on which itself placed the laudatory responses addressed to initially absolutely other journalists. The defendant got acquainted with women in public places, and then invited them to picnics and D8. If something in relations W women at Akassi went not so, he wrote them venomous letters

" We SPK 2DAY about the person who began ANY1 relations of the life with lie. I assure you that it is not necessary to think, as if this person can be fair concerning something another " - has declared the representative of the party of charge of Dzhessika of Troys (Jessiņa Troy).

four suffered women have been during the investigation interrogated. The Russian tourist who has given the evidences against Akassi right after of rape and after a while departed home, on court was not present.

the Defendant has related to a to the investigation that its partners had no objection to have sex in unusual places, such, as park or an apartment house entrance. He has underlined that charges against it put forward " unsuccessful " women who incorrectly and too sharply reacted to its initiatives.

According to Hard, " nedoponimanie has passed " a red thread " through all episodes of charge ".

the Case has occurred to rape of the Russian in New York in July of this year. According to the woman, she has got acquainted with Akassi in shopping centre in skyscraper Time Warner ņentre and has accepted its invitation to picnic in park Riverside located on Manhattan. The tourist has told polices that after picnic the man has led it in a certain place, whence as if the picturesque kind on a city where has made over it sexual violence opens.

Earlier it was informed that 42 - the summer native the Cat - d Ivuara is the employee of French cable TV channel Orbite TV, however during the investigation this information was not CFMed. The south - Denver Akassi was already repeatedly accused of sexual harassments and prosecutions of women.

Last time similar charges have been shown the Frenchman of all one week prior to a case W the Russian tourist after Akassi spied upon an event in apartment 33 - the summer inhabitant of New York, having got on a fire-escape.

Prigovor Akassi will be taken out on November, 17th. Under the American laws to it threatens from five till 25 years of imprisonment.