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the Ministry of Emergency Measures warns ABT possible failures in Moscow from - for a strong wind

Moscow, 8 aching - News. the Moscow rescuers warn ABT possible on Tuesday damages of transmission lines (LEP) and motor transport from - for the strong wind which speed can reach 17 metres per second.

" In connection with flaws B4 12 - 17 metres per second (W 14. 00 B4 20. 00) damages LEP, motor transport, the large-format advertising designs, leading to jams on roads, partial poval trees, a collapse of poorly strengthened designs " are possible; - informs GUMCHS on a city.

the Central board calls townspeople and visitors of capital to be attentive and careful in streets. " becoming the eyewitness of emergency, it is necessary to call in emergency services of a city " - rescuers recommend.