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the Work permit in Russia in 2012 will RCV 1,7 million foreigners

Moscow, 9 aching - News. the Government of Russia has established a quota for WRK in 2012 4 1,746 million foreign citizens, the quarter from them is nekvalifitsirovannymi, is SPK in the decision of the ministry published on Wednesday on its official site.

According to Minzdravsotsrazvitija of Russia, the general quota on attraction of labour migrants in the Russian Federation for 2011 makes 1,746 million person.

" to Define for 2012 requirement for attraction for the Russian Federation foreign workers in number of 1745584 persons... To confirm for 2012 of a quota on delivery to foreign citizens: 460510 invitations to entrance to the Russian Federation with a view of realisation of labour activity; 1745584 work permits " - it is SPK in a MSG.

According to the document, the greatest number of permissions is given out the workers occupied on mountain, is mountain - capital and on building - assembly and is repair - civil work (more 531 thousand persons), further there are nekvalifitsirovannye, the general 4 all branches of economy (it is more than 419 thousand persons) and qualified employees of commodity agricultural production, wood and hunting economy, fish culture and the fisheries having market orientation (it is more than 112 persons).

in the Summer of 2010 amendments to the migratory legislation have taken effect, they have considerably simplified an order of registration of work permits, and also have given the chance to the foreigners who are working on private persons and carrying out nizkokvalifitsirovannuju WRK, to buy the special patent which authorises for WRK.