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In road accident in Egypt seven tourists from Malaysia

Cairo have suffered, 10 aching - News, Margarita Kislova. Seven tourists from Malaysia were traumatised as a result of road accident W a minibus transporting them on a line Hurgada - Races - Garib on Red sea in Egypt, informs on Thursday the Internet - portal Youm7.

According to traffic police, failure has occurred on 40 - m kilometre of the line conducting from Hurgada in Races - Garib, overnight. The driver of a minibus in whom Malaysian tourists went, has considerably exceeded speed and has not managed to drive. The minibus has turned over sideways.

Victims are delivered in hospital of Hurgada, the Office of Public Prosecutor makes investigation.

last Sunday the tourist bus transporting 42 tourists from Hungary in the airport of Hurgada, on full speed has hit in a road obstacle, and then has turned over on a district highway of Hurgada. 11 tourists were lost, 31 more was traumatised, four from them are till now in a critical status.

After interrogation the survived bus driver has been detained. As inspectors, the transport company transporting tourists from Hungary declare, and its drivers had no corresponding certificates of Minturizma of Egypt on transport passenger transportations, and the bus has not been equipped by the terminator of speed.

In Egypt which population totals more than 80 million persons, one of the highest in region of death rates on roads is marked. Annually in the country as a result of road accident perish about 8 thousand persons, ten thousand are traumatised.

last years the authorities managed to lower considerably number of road accident W participation of tourist motor transport thanks to the special program which provides qualitative training of drivers, strict control over observance of traffic regulations, first of all a high-speed mode.

However after January popular uprising in Egypt control over speed of tourist buses again oslab.

Tourism is one of the main branches of economy of Egypt. The country annually visit an order of 13 million persons. The income in treasury of Egypt from tourist branch makes about 13 billion dollars.