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the Tula inhabitants for a year began to inform is twice more often FSKN on drug dealers

Tula, 16 apr - News, Ekaterina Pojarkova. Inhabitants of the Tula area this year in action carrying out " Inform, where trade in death " in which frameworks on " to a telephone hotline " could inform on drug traffic places, have directed in FSKN twice statements more than year before.

As informs on Monday UFSKN on region, a regional stage of the All-Russia action directed on revealing of places of trade and propagation of drugs, passed in the Tula area in March. In regional management FSKN and in area areas WRK " has been organised; telephone hotlines " on which it was possible to inform on the drug trafficking facts.

" From citizens and the organisations 59 references, including 38 ABT the facts of realisation of narcotics and psychotropic substances have arrived. In comparison with 2011, in the action the quantity of MSG has increased twice " - it is SPK in a MSG.

the RCVed data have been passed in operative divisions of the State Committee for Control Over the Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances. " during their check 49 criminal cases are raised, 22 reports on administrative offences are made, revealed and liquidated three narcobrothels and 33 points of sale " - informs department.

From illegal circulation narcopolicemen have withdrawn over 0,5 kgs of narcotics and psychotropic substances.