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the Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot supervise occurrence in a network of instructions ABT an explosive

Moscow, 16 apr - News. the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia cannot supervise a situation W occurrence on the Internet of instructions on manufacturing of an explosive from make-shifts, informs on Monday criminal investigation department central administrative board (GUUR) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia referring to the deputy chief of management Igor Shutova.

According to Shutova, calls alarm that fact that in a network " full information on manufacturing techniques of explosives from accessible, improvised components ". Besides, there there are detailed instructions on alteration of gas and traumatic pistols 4 shooting by fighting cartridges.

" Unfortunately, to supervise this information there is no possibility. Deleting the killing instruction at one forum, we generate two similar on other sites " - has informed Clowns.

thus he has noticed that positive tendencies in sphere of struggle against illegal circulation of the weapon, ammunition, explosives and the crimes connected with their use are saved. " for three MTH flowing by us it is registered on 13 % less than illegal acts of the specified category. Under article 222 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (illegal storage of the weapon and an explosive) is opened already an order of 70 % of incidents " - has noted Clowns.

As he said, for this period, in comparison with January - March, 2011, in Russia on 35 % the quantity of the explosions having criminal character has decreased. The number thus stifling them is made in so-called " flashpoints " - Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kabardino - Balkarii, has informed zamglavy GUUR.