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Ecologists have begun petition against development of Ladoga lake

Petrozavodsk, 16 apr - News. the Russian nature protection organisations on Monday declared the petition beginning for preservation of natural territories of Ladoga lake, is informed on a site ladogalake. ņom.

" petition in protection of Ladoga is the civil initiative. Its sources have people and social movements which in 2007 could stop industrial expansion on territory of Northern Priladozhja and convince officials, that Ladoga shhery - national property of Russia, and they should not turn to an industrial zone, and coast of unique lake - in a private property " - it is informed on a site.

as Organizers of creation of a site and petition the initiative group " has acted; we Will save lake Hawk " movement " Against capture of lakes " movement " the Green wave " " Open coast ".

On a site 2 it is informed that the government of the Russian Federation and the power of Kareliya planned to create more than 20 years especially protected natural territory that could constrain industrial expansion in Northern Priladozhe. However the federal law " ABT protection of Ladoga lake " and has not arrived on consideration in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

" In September, 2008, thanks to active public participation, it has been withdrawn over 150 licences for mining in dangerous affinity from coast of Ladoga lake then WRK on creation of national park " have renewed; Ladoga shhery ". But within last two years almost all licences have been returned owners. Coastal and island woods on - former are in rent under timber cutting, and water security zones turn to cottage settlements and private residences. Experts mark sharp deterioration of the Ladoga water and reduction of water bioresources " - ecologists inform.

Besides, as marks on a site, now the Legislative Assembly of Kareliya prepares the reference to the prime minister - to the minister of the country W the request to refuse plans on creation in Ladoga shherah, unique natural object, analogues to which are not present in Russia, national park.

Now on a site the questionnaire 4 petition in protection of Ladoga lake with which the NE citizen of Russia can fill is placed.